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Tiens Health Mattress

Tiens Dream Bio-Energy Health Mattress Based on
  • Magnetic effect
  • Far infra-red ray effect
  • Negative ion effect
  • Magnetic Therapy
    The principle of magnetic therapy acts by applying certain level of magnetic field onto meridian and collaterals, acupoints and diseased area of our body. The earth itself a natural magnetic field, while there is also a magnetic field in human body produced by his own bio-electricity. Magnetic field is able to balance the bio-electrical field of our body. Many types of pollution affect the magnetic field of our body and cause damage to our health.

    Far Infrared Ray
    Solar light is the source of energy for all life on the earth. Solar light consist of 80% Far Infrared Ray. It has a wave length of 4-1000 micrometer. The F.I.R produces heat and the heat is absorbable for reutilize, while the visible ray is heatless and not absorbable.
    Activate the water molecule
    Improve microcirculation
    Improve metabolism
    Purify and balance blood pH level

    Negative ion
    Smallest particle of a chemical element that can take part in chemical reaction is called atom. Atom possesses electric is known as ion. In normal condition, ion will achieve a balance of positive and negative charge. If energy is increased, it will break the negative charge and left alone the positive charge. The negative charge will combine with other atoms and molecules to form negative ion.
    Importance of Negative Ion
    The inner part of our body cell consists of negative ion and outer layer consists of positive ion. If negative ions reduce and positive ions increase, the ability of our cell to absorb nutrients and remove residue will be reduced. This causes deterioration of body function. Only with balancing both the positive and negative ion, our body function will return to normal.

    The secrets of TIENS DREAM
    374 pieces of 3 different types of stones which are the source of miracle healing power.
    GERMANIUM-known as far infra red stone produced from germanium, quartz, loess, feldspar and ceramic. The stone is heated at 1300 degree by using high technology method. After processing , Germanium stone releases higher intensity of FIR than other gem stone.
    Tourmaline- Tourmaline is the highest energy crystal in the world. Itís two physical features, namely-pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity. In the condition of pyroelectricity Tourmaline carries positive and negative charge under different temperatures. Piezoelectricity is the vertical direction of tourmaline that meets up the two ends and produces negative charge. Such negative charge will be absorbed by molecules in the air and becomes negative ions.
    JADE-Jade stone is validated as one of the sources of F.I.R .It had been used as health accessories by the oriental people that recorded in ancient medical books. Researches showed that jade stone contains calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium.

    7 unique features of TDBEHM

    • Activate water molecules-improves the oxygen flow and slow down aging process
    • Activate cell, Improve metabolism-stimulates muscles function, especially cardiac muscle
    • Purify blood and balance blood pH level
    • Revitalizing-improve blood circulation, enhance kidney function and stabilize general health condition
    • Balance automatic nervous system and endocrine system
    • Main body temperature-helps to increase elasticity of blood vessel to control body temperature
    • Increase blood circulation and body resistance-reduce blood viscosity, improve numb hand, leg, waist and shoulder, improve immunity and enhance body resistance